INERGYS develops solutions enabling final users to produce renewable energy at a competitive price.

The first wind turbines product range develops rated power from 1 kW to 3 kW.

INERGYS wind turbines are based on an innovative technology (vertical axis and movable blades) which brings unique competitive advantages:

  • Autonomous start with less than 2m/s wind speed,
  • Blades in constant positive energy,
  • Installation possible on roofs, pylons or masts,
  • Energy production even with instable winds,
  • Security system for violent wind and storms,
  • Optimal and simplified installation and maintenance ,
  • Noiseless wind turbines,
  • Power production remote management.
With a height of less than 3m, INERGYS wind turbines can be placed close to the ground or on top of a pylon and remain very effective.

They are particularly suited to urban or rural environment. For example, they can be installed and used:

  • For electricity production and self-consumption in applications such as industrial refrigeration, air conditioning, cooking units in the food processing industry, positive energy buildings. 

  • For electricity supply in isolated sites (telecom antennas, public lights, parking lights, isolated buildings and customs/security/defences with mobiles units).

  • For specific projects (Charging station for electric vehicles, smart grids/smart city, integration with other technologies and storage units…).