INERGYS Greenpack

The hybrid solution

The INERGYS Greenpack combines our innovativewindturbine with new generation solar panels. It is designed to be installed very quickly and simply on flat roofed buildings and other flat surfaces.

The component parts

Greenpack features

Windturbine with a vertical axis/movable blades and solar panels

Rated power: 3 kW

Height: 5,2 m

Basis width: 5,8 m

Weight: 1426 kg

It converts at best renewable energy sources into renewable electricity according to season: the renewable electricity production is smoothed between summer time when there is more sun and winter time when the wind dominates.
Thanks to its autonomous security system, it has been tested and validated to resist to wind speeds up to 180 km/h.
It demonstrates robustness and longevity through material selection: aluminium and stainless steel.
it can be easily installed on building with flat roofs without modifying its waterproofness.
It does not generate sensible noise and vibrations.


The Greenpack uses a communication card, internally developped, which makes it possible to monitor its operational data 24/7.

connecte 3G

connecte LoRa

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The GreenPack through pictures


Ongoing development

We are developping new renewable electricity production devices. One of them, our Pylolienne, will blend into telecom towers in order to produce a part of the electricity needed and will serve to charge batteries.Recent tesyt conducted in 2020 enad 2021 and very encoyuraging and show good return on investment perspectives. We are closing deals with telecom operators to bring this innovation to the market in 2022.

We are also developping autonomous green grydrogen production unit that use local renewable energy resources to produce hyrogen in order to fuel a variety of applications; transport, heating, etc. At the difference of the rest of the hydrogen on the market that is often "dirty" we vbelieve we can produce small quantities of hydrogen (in between 50 and 100 kg / day) in order to fuel small and local applications.

Finally, we are working on a floating and underwater prototype that will use our unique technlogy to also produce 24/7 using both tidal and wind energy, and more of all, by reusing materials and existing infrastructure. Follow us on social medias to learn more about our most recent developments!

INERGYS Greenpack