Green Hydrogen Station


Hybrid wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric system integrated into different types of sites (industrial, tertiary, residential).

Power range: From 250 kW to 5 MW

Amount of hydrogen: 40 to 1000 kg / day

Applications: mobility, energy storage

Format: initial study, funding, Tech Assistance


INERGYS supports project managers in the design, development and funding search for the construction of green hydrogen production stations. With our partners, we have the capacity to install these stations to meet needs of 40 to 1000 kg of hydrogen / day.

The hydrogen produced can be used to meet needs such as mobility, long-term storage or heating. The station is tailor-made and therefore adapts to all sites with different energy resources.

Its composition

It transforms the renewable energies available on site into electricity to produce hydrogen by electrolysis of water.
The heart of the system (electrolysers, batteries, H2 storage, etc.) are inside closed containers and are therefore protected from damage and the elements.
The materials used (mainly metals) have a long durability and complexity is kept to a minimum to lower maintenance costs.
It deploys in self-supporting capacity on any flat surface and makes it possible to combine the production, storage, distribution and storage under shade of vehicles.
Thanks to the energy capture technologies used, it produces very little pollution and can therefore be installed in frequented areas.


Thanks to the technological bricks of our partners, the H2 station can be autonomous or integrated into sites. It can be fully controlled remotely.

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