Hybrid wind and photovoltaic system with self-supporting support for roofs.

Peak power: 5,8 kWp

Height: 5.7 m

Base width: 5 m

Weight: 1,550 kg

The freestanding GreenPack solution

The INERGYS 5,8 kWp GreenPack combines our innovative wind generator with latest generation photovoltaic panels. It is designed to be installed very easily on flat roofs of buildings thanks to its self-supporting five-foot.

It can also be installed on the ground.With its vertical axis urban wind turbine and movable blades, the INERGYS GreenPack captures the energy of the wind to transform it into electricity. It fits perfectly into all environments (urban, rural, mountainous) and adapts to all winds

Its composition

It transforms energy according to the seasons: production is smoothed between the summer periods when the sun is more present and the winter when the wind dominates.
Thanks to its safety system, it has been tested and validated to withstand wind speeds of up to 180 km / h.
It shows robustness and longevity thanks to the choice of materials: aluminum and stainless steel.
It is easily installed on roof terraces without modifying the waterproofing.
It does not generate any noise pollution.
It does not generate any noise. What you hear is the wind!


The hybrid Greenpack has a communication card developed by INERGYS which allows information on its operation to be transmitted.

connecte LoRa

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