Hybrid parking shades


Hybrid system with a minimum 3.5 meter high shade, North-facing ridge wind turbine, 2.7 meter inverters and ground level charging stations.

Power range: From 11 kWp to 2 MWp

Vehicle charging: 11, 22, 50 and 125 kW

Integrated storage: 12 to 250 kWh on site

Format: feasibility, integration specific to sites


With an industrial partner specializing in electronics, we are developing hybrid shade houses combining wind power and photovoltaics. These shade houses can be installed in car parks and any other covered space (market hall for example) and in particular allow the distribution of the electricity produced for electric vehicles (cars, scooters, bicycles, scooters).

These shade houses optimize the available floor space, for example for commercial areas. They can generate a source of income (resale of the electricity produced), or save on electricity bills with self-consumption for the site (direct connection to the TGBT).

Its composition

It makes it possible to optimize the space available on site and to take advantage of the production feed-in tariffs.
The energy production and management systems are installed at a minimum regulatory height of 2.7 meters to protect them in the long term.
The materials used (mainly metals) have a long durability and complexity is kept to a minimum to lower maintenance costs.
In addition to the production of renewable electricity, the shade house enables the storage and recharging of electric vehicles.
The technologies used do not produce noise and therefore allow them to be installed near places frequented by the public.


Thanks to the technological bricks of our partners, the hybrid shade house creates a technological ecosystem for the mobility of the 21st century, while increasing user comfort.

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