Hybrid parking shadehouse


Shade producing electricity from the energy of the wind and the sun, on a self-supporting concrete support. Custom sizing. Optional electric vehicle charging stations.

Power range: From 251 kWp to 1.24 MWp

Format: Car park with 80 to 400 spaces, coverage by 1 or 2 rows

Vehicle charging: 11, 22, 50 and 125 kW

Integrated storage: 12 to 250 kWh on site

Format: feasibility, integration specific to sites


The interest of photovoltaic shadehouses is no longer to be demonstrated, they make it possible to develop renewable energies on already artificialized sites, to extend the network of charging stations for electric vehicles and represent an adaptation to extreme climatic events (high heat , severe weather).

Our innovation goes further by also capturing the energy of the wind: this hybridization makes it possible to produce more energy and over longer periods of time. We also offer support for the implementation of an economic model based on individual and collective self-consumption, allowing optimal profitability of the installation.

Its composition

Wind and solar energy, optimizes self-consumption.
Without Foundations
Accelerated implementation and administrative procedures
Hybrid production and Inergys support
CSR approach and visual communication space


Thanks to the technological bricks of our partners, the hybrid shade house creates a technological ecosystem for the mobility of the 21st century, while increasing user comfort.

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