Telecom Pylolienne


Vertical axis wind system on two to four blades (less than one meter in diameter) with a dual axis generator.

Power range: From 500 to 1000 Wp

Photovoltaic option: 300 Wp modules

Format: integrated before/after construction


A new renewable electricity production system for companies in the telecommunications sector is being industrialized. It fits inside the pylons so that they produce some of the electricity they need.

It is also possible to integrate photovoltaic panels in the high pylons, in order to obtain a hybrid system with more autonomy. This improves the continuity of service for operators in the event of a power cut, by replacing expensive and polluting generators.

Its composition

It allows the production of renewable electricity to be used directly by the pylon equipment, therefore requiring no floor space.
Thanks to its electronic safety system, it does not damage the pylon in the event of strong winds.
It shows robustness and longevity thanks to the choice of materials that are aluminum and stainless steel.
It can fit into existing pylons relatively quickly or fit into the design.
It generates little noise and vibration and therefore does not affect pylon telecommunication systems


The INERGYS PYLOLIENNE is integrated into existing sites or directly at the design stage. It makes it possible to monitor the energy data of the pylon in real time.

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