Vertical axis wind turbine


Wind turbine with synchronized blades, vertical axis and equipped with a universal mounting plate for installation on any support.

Nominal power - peak: 1 kW - 3.3 kWp

Height: 2.7 m

Base width: 2.4 m

Weight: 450 kg


The INERGYS wind turbine was developed to respond to several issues of small wind turbines; at less than 50 meters from the ground, the wind is often turbulent (gusts); it changes direction frequently (360 degrees over a day); there are more periods of light winds, so there is more interest in starting production early.

The wind turbine was thus developed for these needs and to meet the self-consumption of energy on sites with a minimum power of 12 kVa. It delivers a nominal power of 1 kW, for a peak power of 3.3 kW. Thanks to its vertical axis and its movable blades, it blends in perfectly with all environments (urban, rural, mountainous) and adapts to all winds.


It is robust thanks to the choice of materials and the processes used.
It does not consume electricity either for its brake or communication system, so it can be installed in isolated areas.
It does not generate any noise. What you hear is the wind!
It produces electricity from 3 m / s of wind despite changes in direction.
It protects itself in the event of strong winds thanks to its security system.
It has a communication card developed by INERGYS which allows information to be transmitted continuously.


The wind generator has a communication card developed by INERGYS which stores and sends operational parameters every 12 minutes.

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