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As our energy systems and services have developed, we have diversified our customer profile. Today, we carry out energy projects with SMEs, large groups, universities, social housing and industrial companies.

Immobilière Atlantic Aménagement - Poitiers

Two buildings equipped with 13 kWp wind - photovoltaic hybrid electricity production plants, used to supply the common areas and residents thanks to the implementation by the lessor of collective self-consumption.

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IUT University Institute of Technology - Carquefou

A GreenPack equipped with a pyranometer anemometer serves as an educational support for the energy transition and efficiency sector.

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CRCM – Mèze

An off-grid photovoltaic system has been installed on a shellfish farm and aims to supply compressors to re-oxygenate the marine environment during critical heat periods. The objective of the Mediterranean Regional Shellfish Farming Committee is to ensure the sustainability of the profession representing 3000 jobs which is increasingly victim of heat periods linked to climate change. It was thus possible to prove from this pilot project that the environment can regain vitality in a critical period and that it is possible to improve the oxygenation rate at each of the tables operated by shellfish farmers.


An Inergys GreenPack has been installed on the roof of the CISN Résidences Locatives Group headquarters in Trignac. The objective of the company is to have a hybrid, wind and photovoltaic system in order to produce renewable electricity used in self-consumption for its activity. The group has already thermally renovated its building, invested in a fleet of electric vehicles and is increasingly integrating renewable energies into its real estate operations.


An INERGYS wind generator has been installed on the roof of the new premises of the Syselec Group in Castres/France. The aim of the company is to have a hybrid, wind and photovoltaic system in order to produce renewable electricity used for self-consumption for its industrial activity. We would like to thank this innovative and competitive SME for its trust and its ecological commitment!


The GreenPack INERGYS was again chosen by the Picoty Energie Group to be installed on slabs on the ground on the Corbières Sud motorway area. Since May 2021, it has been supplying the electrical network of the station's main building with renewable electricity in addition to photovoltaic panels installed on shades.

VARIOUS ORGANIZATIONS - Energy strategy studies in France

Since May 2021, INERGYS has been supporting a motorway operator, a shipyard and a developer of energy projects in defining their energy strategy. From defining their needs, to finding service providers and identifying funding, we support them in their project with consultants specializing in energy issues.


An INERGYS GreenPack was chosen by Picoty Energies and since November 2020 it has been fitted to the Mayenne motorway area near Laval. The electricity produced is used for self-consumption and on this area, this GreenPack makes it possible to erase part of the electricity consumption of the WWTP area.


As part of a resolutely "proactive" energy transition approach, CAUX de SEINE Agglo has chosen the GreenPack developed by INERGYS in 2020. This innovative urban unit combining wind and solar power has been installed on a residential building located in CAUDEBEC en CAUX - Rives en Seine. The system supplies the meters in the common areas of the building.


An INERGYS wind generator was integrated into the Smart Grid of the building of the Mediterranean Institute for Sustainable Development Research in Nice in April 2021. It completes the network with renewable electricity. This institute linked to the University of Sophia Antipolis applies cutting-edge technologies related to energy, the Smart City and smart grids.


In May 2018, the CLEMESSY company, a subsidiary of the EIFFAGE group, installed two wind turbines on its roof. They complement the electricity production of photovoltaic panels and fit perfectly into their self-consumption approach. On their self-supporting system, these INERGYS wind turbines did not require any specific fixing or roof modification work


The beautiful days are back and wind turbines are blooming on the roofs! In April 2018, the INERGYS team installed an urban wind turbine on the roof of the administrative building of the Strasbourg train station market. The electricity produced by the wind turbine corresponds to part of the energy required for public lighting, electric vehicle charging stations and SAMINS offices.

CARAMBAR & CO - Strasbourgs

INERGYS has installed one of its innovative wind turbines on the roof of the Suchard Factory in the Meinau district of Strasbourg. This project marks the commitment of the Strasbourg-based company in the field of social and environmental responsibility and its commitment to self-production and self-consumption of energy.


A wind turbine has been deployed in this ORANGE laboratory for testing. The objective of the project is to have a complementary energy solution for telecom masts sites with interesting wind potential.


An INERGYS urban wind turbine was installed in April 2016 in the SCLE premises in Toulouse in order to increase the production capacity of renewable energy and to materialize the technological partnership between the Engie group and INERGYS. The goal is to show in their premises, cutting-edge technologies in terms of smart building innovation.