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From design to implementation, the INERGYS team takes care of everything!


In line with its pro active energy transition approach, Caux Seine Agglo chose the GreenPack developed by Inergys. This innovative urban unit combining wind and solar power capture technology will soon be installed on a residential building in Caudebec en Caux - Rives en Seine in order to supply its residents with renewable


In May 2018, it is the CLEMESSY company, subsidiary of the EIFFAGE group which has decided to install two aerogenerators on it roof. These turbines complement the electricity production of the photovoltaic panels and can therefore get closer to their objective of producing most of their electricty needs on site.


In April 2018, the INERGYS team installed an aerogenerator on the roof of the Strasbourg National Market administrative building. The electricity produced by the turbine corresponds to a portion of the energy required by street lighting, electric vehicle charging point and the SAMINS offices.

Carambar & Co

INERGYS installed one of its innovating aerogenerators on the roof of the Suchard plant which is located in the Meinau district of Strasbourg. This project points out the commitment of the company within the framework of the corporate social and environmental responsibility that it presented to its investors.


An aerogenerator was installed on the top of a mast at the ORANGE lab. The aim of the project is to provide a complementary energy production solution for powering mobile phone masts located on a selection of sites with adequate wind potential.


A new generation aerogenerator was installed in April 2016 in SCLE premises in Toulouse in order to increase the production of renewable energy and validate the technological partnership between SCLE SFE and INERGYS.