Energy strategy studies

You want to produce your own electricity thanks to two renewable energy sources?

INERGYS guides you in your renewable energy production projects by defining with you the solution which is the best adapted to your needs. You have one or various sites that you would like to see using more renewable energy in the near future? You will discover that every site has some energy ressource.We can accompany you from conception to production follow-up in understanding all these issues that are not always simple to apprehend.

How will that actually work?

We will analyse legal, economic and technical issues that will impact your renewable energy project. What we want is to increase your knowledge of all these aspects so you will be able in the near future to manage your projects by yourself. Energy can sometimle be a tuff subject, we will make sure your understand iut fully and will help you qualify the ressources and find the appropriate technology to harness it

Research and development

We have designed and developed all the mechanisms and systems that are used in our solution. In order to do this, our teams are specialized in the following fields:

  • mechanical engineering
  • electronic and electrotechnical system design
  • aeraulic optimization of our systems
  • electronic engineering

Picture: preparation for aeraulics mock-up

INERGYS Wind tunnel

INERGYS has its own wind tunnel which enables our R&D team to test mechanically and electrically our own aerogenerators as their development progress. The wind tunnel also enables us to get tangible results of our solutions performance and endurance.

Wind tunnel features:

  • Dimensions: 3,5m x 4,3m x 6m ( h x w x l )
  • Maximum wind speed: 10m/s

We can also make our wind tunnel available to other companies that want to test their own products. To check the availability and price, do not hesitate to contact us at +33 (0)5 87 31 00 34 or by email at: